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Mezistěna z včelího vosku 5X / Beeswax Comb 5X

rozměr 37mmx21mm - 5kusů v balení


size 39cmx24cm - 5 pieces in package 

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Vhodný pro vlastní tvorbu

Včelí vosk je přirozený produkt, který vzniká metabolickou přeměnou medu a pylu v těle některých druhů včel. U včely medonosné je producentem dělnice ve 12. až 18. dni svého života.

Svíčky mají krásnou jemnou medovou vůni a jasné světlo. 


Great for own use

Our homemade beeswax candles are made out of 100% beeswax from our beehives. Clean beeswax is poured to a siliconform and after solidification adjusted to a final look.  Its 100% natural product. That is the reason why our candles has a beneficial impact to harmonize the environment.

They are helping to clean our air, absorb smokes and smells. It is appropriate to light these candles in enviroment of alergic people, little kids and pets.

Follow up  for creatiton and dream activation and helping to reach a peacefull sleep.

Beeswax is natural product made with bee metabolism conversion of honey and pollen in certain types of bees.  Candles has beautiful sweet nature honey smell and clear light.

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